DIDGER Program to digitalize presentations with the help of graphical tablets
ECOTECT A fully 3D modelling tool with comprehensive overshadowing, solar access, shading design, lighting, acoustic, thermal and cost analysis functions.
ENERGMOD Energy balance model for urban areas
GRASS Freeware GIS
IDRISI Inexpensive GIS-Software
MIMMIKRI Calculation of immission grids and two-dimensional resolution derived from routine measurements
PMV Calculation of  thermal sensitivity according to Fanger
POLYPLOT Program for thematic cartography
RayMan Software for calclulation of mena radiant temperature and thermal indices
SunPath Sunpaths and Shadow at PCs
SURFER Inexpensive program to present two-dimensional grid data
Townscope II Software for estimation of solar radiation and thermal comfort

DIDGER    (Program to digitalize presentations with the help of graphical tablets)

The program DIDGER supports the digitalization of presentations with the help of  graphical tablets as points, lines and areas. The coordinate system can be chosen without any limitations. Distances are adjustable in many units. Points can be chosen between 3 and 100. Export filters for *.dat, *.bln, *.bna, *.dxf, *.wmf, *.bmp are available.The DIDGER data is directly processed with SURFER .

Hardware: PC , Windows 95 or NT 3.51+, 8 MB RAM, 5 MB Harddisk, Digitizing Tablet, 32-bit WinTab tablet driver

Program Development: Golden Software

Price: 119 $ + delivery

Contact: Golden Software. Inc., 809 14th St.,Golden, CO 80401-1866 USA,
Tel.: 800-972-1021 or 303 279-1021, Fax: 303-279-0909, Email:,Homepage:


ENERGMOD     (Energy Balance Model for Urban Areas)

Simple energy balance model to calculate energy conversion at surfaces of urban areas based on Excel.

Hardware: PC, Windows and Excel

Program Development: Prof. Dr. E. Parlow

Price: No charges

Contact: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Parlow, Institut fuer Geographie, Universitaet Basel, Spalenring 145, CH-4055 Basel
Tel.: +41(0)61 272 6480, Fax: +41(0)61 272 6923, email:

ENERGMOD as download (Excel-Datei, 24 KB )


GRASS      (Freeware GIS)

GRASS is a raster-based GIS, vector GIS, image processing system, graphics production system, data management system, and spatial modelling system.



IDRISI     (Inexpensive GIS-Program)

IDRISI is a comfortable Geographical Information System (GIS), which is cheap, but has similar features as much more expensive programs.

IDRISI is a  GIS and image processing programm under Windows (also available under DOS). The program has the latest geographical analysis tools and environmental modelling features. IDRISI is due to the low price widely spread all over the world. The program consists of 150 analytical modules and can be used for many different tasks.

Since the middle of 1997 there is a german interface for the PC available. The contact for Germany to get IDRISI is located in Salzburg (IDRISI Resource Center Salzburg, Mag, Eric. J. Lorup, Hellbrunner Str. 34, A-5020 Salzburg, Tel.: +43(0)662 8044 5235, Fax: +43(0)662 8044 525, Email: , Homepage: )

Hardware: PC, Windows

Program Development:

Price: Commercial $ 990; administration $ 695; university $ 495; student $ 248; pupil $ 100; + delivery ca. $ 50

Contact: The IDRISI Projekt, Clark Labs for Cartographic Technology and Geographic Analysis, Clark University, 950 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, 01610-1477, USA; Tel.: +1(508)793-7526, Fax: +1(508)793 8842, Email:, Homepage:


MIMMIKRI      (Calculation of immission grids and two-dimensional resolution derived from routine measurements)

MIMMIKRI allows the calculation of immission grids based on routine point measurements of immissions and meteorological data. The basic mathematical method is not a dispersion calculation, it is an interpolation with the help of overlapped immission concentration data and wind direction as well as position data of   measuring points. Immission cadasters are calculated as events which surpass resolution and covering of all previous available cadasters with their quality. The calculated cadasters can be presented graphically (black/white and coloured). The maximum of the resolution depends on the distribution and density of the considered stations. The program has a built-in function that is able to calculate the maximum resolution.

Hardware: PC

Program Development: Dr. W. Vautz (Dissertation am Meteorologischen Institut der Universität Mainz)

Literature:  ?

Price: ?

Contact: Wolfgang Vautz (ISAS Dortmund), e-mail:


PMV      (Calculation of  thermal sensitivity according to Fanger)

Information and contact:




The current version of  the program developed by the Institut für Geographie of the University of Hamburg  for digital cartography is version 4.1 under MS DOS. At the moment it is tried to integrate the program into Windows NT. Based on the plane-principle the program has a large variety of functions in the area of development and output of maps. The decisive advantage of POLYPLOT is the immense flexibility of the program. Besides the extensive possibilities to define colours and symbols the program must be honored for fast data processing. Several additional symbol directories are available.

Hardware: PC

Program Development: Jörn Hauser, Dr. Joachim Krebs, Institut für Geographie der Universität Hamburg, Homepage:

Literature:  ?

Price: 2000DM

Contact: Terraplan GbR, Gewerbestraße 33, 79227 Schallstadt, Tel: +49(0)7664 7056, Fax: +49(0)7664 7076, Homepage:



The Geographical Information System SPANS (SPatial ANalysis System) of the company TYDAC Research Inc. based in Canada was written in 1986 as a PC-based GIS. SPANS is built modular and is available on the one hand as complete system or on the other hand as combination of modules. In every case the user gets an integrated system with all functions combined in a uniform menu surface. Besides the basic module there are single modules especially for terrain analysis, point interpolation, modelling and cartographical output available. The special capabilities of the system are aside from the data model deduced resulting analysis potential (e.g. area statistics, three-dimensional presentation, diffusion, cell modelling, network analysis, gravitation models) particularily the integration of data of different origins and different formats. Despite clear stress on grid data processing SPANS is regarded as a hybrid GIS, which is able to process grid data as well as vector data. The main part of the analysis functions is located in the grid basis.  SPANS is using here the Quadtree-data structure as a special grid data structure. In version 6 the data base connection to Microsoft Access is possible.

Hardware: PC, Workstation,

Sofware: Windows 95, NT, OS/2, UNIX

Program Development: TYDAC Research Inc., Kanada, Homepage:

Literature:  ?

Price: ?

Contact: Terraplan GbR, Gewerbestraße 33, 79227 Schallstadt, Tel: +49(0)7664 7056, Fax: +49(0)7664 7076, Homepage:



Additional to the presentation of sun diagrams in regard with planes of any slope and exposition SunPath offers the following possiblities:

Hardware: PC,

Software: Windows 95, NT

Program Development: M. Skiba

Price:   100.- DM

Contact: Dr. Martin Skiba, Shell Solar Deutschland Vertrieb GmbH, Überseering 35, 22297 Hamburg, Tel: 040-6324-6806
Fax: 040-6324-5248, Email:


SURFER      (Inexpensive program to present two-dimensional grid data)

The program SURFER allows the processing of grid data to present maps as isolines, entering of grid points derived from symbols, almost picture-like looking presentations, reliefs with shade (adjustable) and coloured 3-D-presentations. A part of the program allows the calculation of grid data derived from irregular distributed single data with several iteration programs. Cutting, compressing or diluting of grid data is possible as well as the calculation of two different grid data records. The features of this program are compared to the price great.

Hardware: PC , Windows 95 or NT 3.51+, 8 MB RAM+, 5 MB Harddisk , (for 32-bit-version)

Program Development: Golden Software

Price: 499 $ + 60 $ delivery

Contact: Golden Software. Inc., 809 14th St.,Golden, CO 80401-1866 USA,
Tel.: 800-972-1021 or 303 279-1021, Fax: 303-279-0909, Email:,Homepage:



TOWNSCOPE II     (Program for the estimation of solar radiation and thermal comfort)

Thermal comfort, critical wind incomfort risk and perceptive qualities of urban open spaces can be assessed very quickly via
TOWNSCOPE. Additionally, the software provides an integrated multi-criterion decision module so that it is possible to rank various
alternative proposals.

Specific functions were developed to facilitate the data acquisition and handling :

• Data import and export facilities for exchange with commercial software (DXF format)
• User-friendly graphical interface for 3D information encoding and manipulation
• Triangulation algorithms for ground and other irregular surfaces easy modelling;
• User-defined entities to personalize the urban database structure
• Spatial and alpha-numerical query interface
• Solar radiation and thermal comfort

Systems requirements and software availability
Operating system : Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95
Processor : Pentium 200, Pentium Pro 233 or greater recommended
Disk Space : 15MB minimum
Memory requirements : 32MB RAM minimum, 64MB recommended
Display requirements : resolution 800x600 or greater color palette 64K colors (16bits) minimum


Do you offer software or do you know software not mentioned above or software that should be up-dated, please send me your papers (as text file): 
PD Dr. Andreas Matzarakis Universität Freiburg, Meteorologisches Institut, Hebelstr. 27, 79085 Freiburg, Germany 
Tel.: +49 (0)761/ 203 6921; Fax: +49 (0)761/ 203 6922; email: